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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Birthday Card from My Favorite Person (My BFF)

Today is my 61st birthday and I truly hope that the love of God has made me sweeter than when I was "sweet 16" (which, if you did not catch on, is 61 backwards). At that time, I did not know the Savior, who has turned my water into the very best of wine and has enriched my life with His indescribable love. Jesus has made me so very happy over the years.

One of the kindest things the Lord did for me after He redeemed me from a futile way of living, was to give me a wonderful man who has loved me now for 34 years (33 of those years married to this mench [that means "real man" in Yiddish, in case you didn't know]). Of those who walk this earth, Robert is my best friend...forever.

This morning my best friend gifted me with this darling birthday poem:

Happy birthday! Happy birthday, 
Baby! Oh, I love you so.
Sixty-one candles make a lovely light,
Especially when we lose the power
In the lonely night.

Blow out those candles,
May your wish come true.
If you ever need help
Remember you're married to a Jew,
And I can put in a good word for you.

You're only sixty-one
And, by golly, you're still lean.
Why you're the prettiest, loveliest girl
For your age that I've ever seen.

Sixty-one candles in my heart will glow;
Forever and ever I will love you so.
Happy birthday, happy birthday, Baby.
Oh, you drive me crazy.
I love you so.

Now you have to know that the lines in the third stanza are a long running joke between Robert and me - "Why you're the prettiest, loveliest girl for your age that I've ever seen." He always says this and I alway say, "For my age? Don't you know those are fighting words?" or something of that nature.

Anyway, I know what he means even if he can't help being a clown. That's just something that's in his blood. If you know Robert, you know exactly what I'm talking about. He's keeps things light and has had me in stitches since the day I met him.

Thank you, my dear Mr. Kaufman! You drive me crazy too - crazy in love that is! But that photo...oh! You should never again tell me that I cut your hair too short. You cropped off nearly all your tresses, Mr. K!


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Miranda said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon! Your Mr. sounds like a very special man. Thank the Lord for great husbands (I have one, too!)!

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