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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Things are Just Sew-Sew

For as long as Robert and I have been married, any time I've wanted to sew, I've had to lug my sewing machine onto the kitchen table and work from there because I did not have a dedicated sewing space. Now I do. We turned the spare bedroom into a sewing/craft room. Yippee!

The room itself had become a stash for whatever we didn't have room for elsewhere, including my sewing and craft supplies. It was a disaster! I had to pray that God would not only motivate me, but give me wisdom about how to organize the room.

Well that's exactly what He did. All it took was a magazine photo of a sewing room, specifically a cabinet that held fabric and other supplies. I realized I could do the very same thing. I started working on it about a month ago and little by little it has come together. Structurally, I am finished. I still have a few cosmetic changes to make (painting the cabinet that started it all, etc.).

The following photos tell the story...

This is the idea I saw in the magazine. This "cabinet" is really much bigger than it looks. It is actually two bookcase-type storage units laid on their sides - one on top of the other. It sits on top of two tables placed end to end. I was able to get all my fabric out of wooden boxes that were heavy to lift and impossible to sort through. Now I can see all my fabric and it is at my fingertips. So cool...
This is the window in my sewing room. The curtain fabric is a blue and white gingham. I found the two little yellow embroidered scalloped pieces (under each valance) years ago at a yard sale for pennies. It was great to finally put them to use. The plates are all thrift shop or yard sale treasures.
Pictured is a mother teaching her daughters how to knit or crochet, found at the Salvation Army on a trip to the coast several years ago. Most the items on the shelf were thrift shop or yard sale buys. The baby shoes were mine and my siblings. The little bird on the right was a childhood gift given to me by my aunt (it's actually a small planter), the little creamer hanging on the center hook is one piece I have from a tea set my sister and I played with as children.
The baby doll is very old and was sold to me for $2 by a neighbor at her moving sale. The dress is also an antique - all hand sewn with hand-made lace. It has a hand-made slip underneath. Found this a barn sale years ago. It was in a bin with other such treasures, all purchased for a few $s.
This is the way I am storing my ribbon, hankies and old pillow case lace. The lace is wound onto an old rolling pin I found at a yard sale for 50 cents.
Isn't he cute? Looks like a water-color painting, but really is a photo (see him above on the shelving unit), that I applied a Photo Shop Elements effect to. The "tuffet" the bear is sitting on is just a blue scalloped bowl turned upside down with a potholder on top, both of which my sister gave me.
The ironing board cabinet pictured here, was priced so low (less that a conventional ironing board would have cost) that I couldn't pass it up. I found it at A Room With a Past just as I was getting ready to get my sewing room in shape.
Here is the ironing board out of the cabinet. The board itself was is perfect condition. All I had to do was to add a pad and cover it. I used Warm and Natural quilt batting for the padding which I found at a yard sale - about 7 yards for $2. The fabric was given to me by my ever-generous sister. Altogether, it's better than any ironing board I've ever owned.
This is little cabinet I re-did. Found it at a yard sale for $3. It was very dark wood with a shiny varnished finish - so ugly. Robert wondered about me. After a good sanding, a coat of primer, the finishing coat of white, a little sanding for a distressed look, and an antiquing glaze it took on a whole new personality. I replaced the original glass that was in the door with hardware cloth (it's really not cloth, but wire). It's being used as a home to my essential oils and some cute figurines.
This little dress was actually one I wore as a baby. Cute, huh? I'm happy it is still in my possession and even have a photo of me wearing the dress. Life is good...
The baby shoes were Robert's. The baby romper I found at...you guessed it...a yard sale for a few bucks.


Becky said...

Sharon, This room is pretty!
Thanks for sharing!

Mistie said...

Delightful! I would LOVE to have a room like that, so full of warmth and love and memories as well as a room to sew or create something lovely! Thank you so much for sharing. :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! :D

Sorry I haven't been by in a while.

"Chone" said...

Hi Sharon,

Yay! I'm so glad you were able to post pics of your oh so pretty sewing room. Thank you again for teaching me how to sew. Once we get settled in our new home in Hawaii, I'll take pics of our project.


Starlize02 said...

these are so lovely! Can I just hire you to do my whole house? just kidding. love you organizing techniques...especially the the lace wrapped rolling pin!

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