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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day Outing

Yesterday, for Valentine's Day, Robert and I took a day trip through the Napa Valley. It was breathtaking! The mustard was blooming in the vineyards as it does every year when Spring nears. The grape vines have not yet started budding out, so the mustard contrasted against the dark woody grape vine trunks was truly a spectacular sight.

It was a wonderful opportunity to get to try out the new SLR camera that Robert gifted me with several months ago toward the end of my knee surgery recovery. After so many months stuck in the house, it seemed like I would never get out and do things again. Robert, knowing that I wanted to get into photography (with a nice camera), thought it might just do the trick to motivate me to get moving. And so it did, though for months now I've been reading about how to operate the camera. It's all new to me.

To a really good photographer, these photos are probably just mediocre at best, but I was thrilled to see how they turned out.

Yesterday was such a crisp, clear day. The clouds were beautiful, as you can see.

Without foliage on the vines, the mustard flowers put on quite a show.

Here I experimented with the aperture set to blur the background.

Cool looking background. Creation resounds with the glory of God -
I especially like the wonderful creation in the foreground! Oh, baby, I love you so!

Robert took this one of me.

Wow! Just look at that mustard! Beautiful!

And more.

I really liked this picket fence and took a few photos of it.

Robert with the picket fence in the background. This photo gave me the idea of looking for mailboxes that have our birth years on them (though 1944 was actually several years before Robert was born).

  Here's the picket fence again. Did this photo play a trick on your eyes when you first looked at it?

And again. I like that corner post. They don't make them like that anymore.

Recommended by our youngest daughter, we took time from the mustard fields to visit this funky little thrift shop in St. Helena. After walking in, the cashier told us that they were closing in five minutes (it was in the middle of the day - who would have guessed?). So I took a quick sweeping tour of the shop, focused especially on the pots and pans since I have been looking for a covered cast iron Dutch oven, but found nothing of the sort. Then, as I was leaving, I cast a glance toward a shelf of odds and ends, reached out to pick up a metal basket and was quite surprised to see the very Dutch oven I have been looking for and in good condition at that. Now I can make the bread I've been drooling over for the past three months - a no-knead whole wheat bread that bakes in a cast iron Dutch oven. I'll let you know how it turns out!

This photo almost looks like there is snow on the trees and the roof of the barn. The trees were heavy with lichen and the roof of the barn was of tin construction, giving it that silvery, snowy look.

Robert and me in front of the barn.

Again, in front of the barn with a peace sign over us. Being an x-hippie, Robert still relates.

Under a tree in front of a field of mustard.

Up Valley in Calistoga - obviously.

This was taken on a side road off of the Silverado Trail.

More mustard.

I liked the way the mustard looked against the rusty metal vine support.

This photo was taken as the sun was starting to go down. You can see 
sunbeams streaming through the tree at the top left.

Here are some young vines amidst many mustard blooms.

What an utterly sweet little cow!

More milk machines. Love to see them out on tender green grass - exactly what God created for them to eat. This was the last photo of the day...such a nice day at that.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Mom, I love you guys so much! I'm glad your getting out and taking pictures for all of us to see.
Love, Rebekah

Star said...

Love your writing and love your pictures Sharon! You truly are a good woman full of wisdom and I look up to you more than you know it. I think I'm your #1 fan, I always look foward to see what you've typed on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, the pictures you took are amazing! I love how some of them are blurred in the background, and the close up of you and Robert in front of the barn (soooooo romantic). Frankie and I want to come next time! I'll bring my camera and you can show me a thing or two!

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