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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Grandson, Papua New Guinea and the Jesus Film

Jake (that's my grandson) with Grandpa Kaufman (that's my hubby).

My oldest grandchild, Jake (18 years of age), left one week ago to minister to the Bine (pronounced bin-EH) tribe in Papua New Guinea. Jake is accompanying Mrs. Lillian Nicholes, who lived with this tribe for 13 years while she, along with her team, translated the New Testament into the tribal dialect. It has been 14 years since she said "goodbye" to the tribe.

But she was recently invited back to help translate the Jesus film into the tribe's language. Jake, one of a team of four, will help with that. The team will use the tribal people to dub the new language into the film. After completion, the team will present the film to the tribe. How exciting is that?

It was fun sending Jake off. All he took for the three month trip was one small carry-on backpack and the larger one he is wearing in the photos below. It weighed 42 pounds and most of it was survival equipment. Imagine that! I don't think I could survive with just 42 pounds of survival equipment, but I'm sure Jake will do just fine.

"Hum, do I really want to do this?"

Jake with his siblings, (from left) Joel, Joy, Jake and Jono.

Jake with Mrs. Nicholes.

Have a great trip, Jake. We love you and pray that God will use you for His glorious causes in Papua New Guinea, including what He will do for you.

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