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"We do not earn or merit anything by taking refuge in God. Hiding in something makes no contribution to the hiding place. All it does is show that we regard ourselves as helpless and the hiding place as a place of rescue." John Piper

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bee Well - A Safe, Simple, Inexpensive Cure for MRSA

Now, nearly four months after surgery and 3 1/2 months after having contracted a MRSA infection in the incision of my knee surgery, I can praise God for having healed me (of the infection).

For those of you who do not know about MRSA, it is a staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics. MRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. Staph infections, in the past, were treated with Methicillin. Now, however, if a staph infection is resistant to that drug, which was my case, Methicillin is no longer effective in killing the bacteria. In fact, MRSA has outsmarted nearly every antibiotic there is.

For over three months I struggled with MRSA and then, as quickly as it came on, it was a thing of the past. Here is how it happened:

First, you should know that the elders of our church came over and prayed for me about four weeks ago.

Now for some background about my infection:

It had started to worsen. The first site cleared with two rounds of Bactrim (sulfa antibiotic), but some staph bacteria mutated, survived and became resistant to Bactrim, which is how a second outbreak occurred. The second site had been lanced and a third and fourth site were beginning at the time that my pastors came over to pray for my healing.

My surgeon did not want to put me back on antibiotics, because the MRSA would mutate again and get stronger. I had tried 4 or 5 remedies that I had researched online, and also some complimentary treatments suggested by a naturapathic doctor, including tea tree and lavender oils, colloidal silver, mega doses of vitamin C, golden seal, coconut oil, Purification from Young Living Essential Oils, etc. These had kept the infection from becoming full-blown but nothing would kill it. Meanwhile, with all the clinic co-pays and money put out for complimentary treatments and prescriptions, we had spent a small fortune.

After the pastors come to my home to pray for me, I went online again and typed in "what kills mrsa". Bottom line - it seems that all the articles that came up heralded the wonder of something called Manuka Honey from Australia and New Zealand. I found articles about twenty years worth of studies that had been done with the remarkable results published in medical journals. And the FDA here in the U.S. has actually approved a calcium alginate wound dressing (derived from sea algae) with Manuka Honey incorporated into it.

Seems this honey kills the protein in the bacterial cell wall, therefore killing the bacteria. Also, when it comes into contact with a draining wound, the bodily fluid contacting the honey stimulates the honey to make its own hydrogen peroxide, The sugar in the honey, being hygroscopic, also acts to kill the infection by drawing out its fluid, basically dehydrating the bacteria. Futhermore, the honey contains powerful pathogenic bacteria-fighting phytochemicals from the the pollen of the plants gathered by the honeybees. And manuka works on any type of infection, not just MRSA.

So I plunked down some more money and within a few days had my liquid gold. I put the honey directly on my knee and covered it with a dressing. It changed dramatically within hours the first time I used it. It took only days before the MRSA was gone. My doctor cleared me of the infection last Wednesday.

Now I keep not only Manuka honey on hand, but also the calcium alginate wound dressing mentioned above with the honey incorporated in it. I plan to treat any infection from now on with Manuka.

Since doctors can use anything that is FDA approved, it wouldn't be out of line to ask your doctor to check it out if need be.

Click here for a link to the article about the product that has been approved for medical use called "Medihoney". (This is the information you would want to give to your doctor if you contracted MRSA.)

Go here for a site that sells Medihoney.

Go here for another article about Manuka Honey.

Finally this link will take you to the site where I bought Manuka.

Prayerfully, you will never have a need for treating an infection of this type (or any for that matter). But it is good to know that even the worst types of infection can be easily cured and inexpensively at that.

But behind this wonderful cure was God's providential hand. Not only did He bring my attention to this resource, but He created it to begin with. And, it was only after the pastors came over and prayed for me that things changed for the better. I had run out of options but God intervened.

Though I had done much research into MRSA and tried many supposed cures, the infection would not relent. In the Old Testament there is a story about a king named Asa. He had turned away from the Lord in his advanced years and then he contracted a foot disease. Second Chronicles 16:12-13 reveals Asa's self-reliance: "In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet. Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the Lord, but only from the physicians."

God directs us in James 5:14-15 to call on the elders of the church when we're sick: "Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up."

But I had not done that. After reading about Asa, I was convicted about all the research, doctor's visits, complimentary and conventional treatments, etc. that I had so rigorously pursued but had never complied with God's directive to call on my pastors. Though I had prayed that the Lord would heal me, I had not sought Him as James says to.

God honors His Word. He is faithful to do so, though I know this action on the part of the elders does not always result in physical healing for varied reasons. God could have allowed my infection to continue. Sometimes He allows the affliction to remain because He will receive more glory. I think of Joni Eareckson Tada, who God did not heal even after her elders prayed for her. But as a result, Joni has brought God much glory during the course of her lifetime in a wheel chair. And God's grace has definitely been sufficient for her.

There are also people who ask for this intervention of God through the elders who have motives that are centered on self. Or perhaps they refuse to repent of sin. God does not hear that prayer. James 5 even addresses the issue of repenting so that healing may take place.

But there are those times when God does heal. In so doing, He confirms, supports and establishes esteem for the leadership of the church. One of the elders told me, "There is nothing magical about our prayers." But there is something more than magical about God's ability to either heal or provide strength and grace amidst our disabilities and weaknesses .

He is my Jehova Rophe (healer). But had He chosen not to heal me, the Lord Jesus would have made His grace sufficient for my affliction, as He did when He told Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." And like Paul, I would also have been able to say, "Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me" (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Buttons for You!

If you are a blogger and if you're like me, buttons, Scripture tags and blinkies are a must for your layout - so much fun! So, as of today, I am offering free Scripture tags. Here are the first three I designed just for you. Take all three if you'd like.

Here's how to do it in case you need directions. Just copy the code in the scroll box.Then, to add the tag to your blog (Blogger), go to "Layout", and, on your template, select "Add a Gadget". Select "HTML/JavaScript" and paste the code into the body of that box. Add a title if you like and save it.

All I ask is that you leave the link back to my blog in the code. That's a nice way of saying "Thank you for the button". When time allows I will add more buttons, so check back periodically.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The New Andy Griffith Show

Do you remember those cute little chicks I got in May of this year? Well, take a look at them now.

Ellie with her frog friend. Ellie is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. We have two Wyandottes and they are the most aggressive of all the chickens. Ellie's sister, Juanita, is at the top of the pecking order. She calls all the shots.

Mrs. Mendelbrite - she's my fav. So daring yet gentle. Mrs. M. is always the first one out of the coup, first to do anything and everything. She comes running to me when I go into the backyard. She is supposed to be the largest of all the chickens, but she's the smallest. That doesn't hinder her a bit though. Mrs. M. is a Plymouth Barred Rock.

Hilda Mae. She is also a very gentle soul. I think she has the most adorable face. Hilda Mae is a Black Australorpe. She's a beautiful bird, completely black. But in the sunlight her black feathers have a sheen of various shades of green to them - almost look iridescent.

What a pretty girl. Miss Crump is a Black Sexlink. Now I know you are already wondering what the name is all about. The name was given since they can be sexed after hatching because the females are different in color than the males. We have two Black Sexlinks. They are supposed to be the best layers of all the five breeds that we have. (None of our chickens have actually started laying yet. But this could happen any day now.)

Miss Crump again (on right) and her sister, Thelma Lou, are both Black Sexlinks. All the chickens we have are brown egg layers. I didn't plan it that way, however. And though they will all lay brown eggs, they will not be alike. Some are much darker than others and one of the breeds tends to lay an egg that is pinkish brown.

Four of our eight chickens decided to perch on an old Adirondack chair in the backyard. Cute, huh? But we will have to be especially observant before we sit down here. Mrs. Mendelbrite is, of course at the top. She was the first one on the chair several days ago and now the other chickens have followed her lead. Below Mrs. M. to the left is Clara Edwards, a Rhode Island Red, a breed acclaimed to be a very good and proficient egg layer. In front of Clara is the other Wyandotte, Juanita, and on the other arm of the chair is Miss Crump.


Here is a closer look at the four beauties on the chair. The only one I seemed to have missed in my photo shoot is Aunt Bea, Clara Edward's sister (looks just like her), also a Rhode Island Red. By now, I'm sure you have surmised that I named all the chickens after women characters on The Andy Griffith Show from way back in the '60s (my favorite show of all time).

I got this idea to name them when the other Rhodey had a problem with her backside as a chick. She had something called "pasty butt" (no kidding). Naturally I started calling her by that name (Pasty Butt), which just wasn't fair to her. So the idea came to call her Aunt B - the B being short for...well, you know. From there, all the chickens got their names, courtesy of the cast of women that frequented The Andy Griffith Show.

It's funny though, Aunt Bea has really lived up to her name because she had another problem with her backside when she was about 2 1/2 months old. We guessed that a cat must have gotten into the yard and reached through the chicken pen to grab the closest chicken by the tail feathers. Your guessed it. Aunt Bea was the target. She lost all of her tail feathers to that cat, though, thankfully, she did not become his next meal. She is just now getting those tail feathers back in. Hopefully, she can remain healthy in the end!

Speaking of the end - this is it!


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Reasons to Refuse the Swine Flu Vaccine for Your Children (and Yourself)

Here is yet another doctor (Dr. Kent Holtorf - an infectious disease expert) warning about the swine flu vaccination. If you have not yet had this vaccine, please watch the videos I posted last week. You may be inclined to opt not to have it. Also read the comment at the bottom of that post from the nurse who refuses any flu shot.

An article from Lew Rockwell lists nine reasons why flu vaccines should be refused:

1. The swine flu is simply another flu. It is not unusually deadly.
2. This is the first time both seasonal and pandemic flu vaccines will be administered. Both seasonal flu and swine flu vaccines will require two inoculations. This is because single inoculations have failed to produce sufficient antibodies. This is an admission that prior flu vaccines were virtually useless. Can you trust them this time?
3. Adjuvants are added to vaccines to boost production of antibodies but may trigger autoimmune reactions. Some adjuvants are mercury (thimerosal), aluminum and squalene. Why would you sign a consent form for your children to be injected with mercury, which is even more brain-toxic than lead?
4. This is the first year mock vaccines have been used to gain FDA approval. The vaccines that have been tested are not the same vaccines your children will be given.
5. Over-vaccination is a common practice now in America. American children are subjected to 29 vaccines by the age of two. Meanwhile, veterinarians have backed off of repeat vaccination in dogs because of observed side effects.
6. Modern medicine has no explanation for autism, despite its continued rise in prevalence. Yet autism is not reported among Amish children who go unvaccinated.
7. Researchers are warning that over-use of the flu vaccine and anti-flu drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza can apply genetic pressure on flu viruses and then they are more likely to mutate into a more deadly strain.
8. Most seasonal influenza A (H1N1) virus strains tested from the United States and other countries are now resistant to Tamiflu (oseltamivir). Tamiflu has become a nearly worthless drug against seasonal flu.
9. Public health officials are irresponsible in their omission of any ways to strengthen immunity against the flu. No options outside of problematic vaccines and anti-flu drugs are offered, despite the fact there is strong evidence that vitamins C and D activate the immune system and the trace mineral selenium prevents the worst form of the disease.

For even more information, please review the full article on LewRockwell.com.


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