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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vital Info About the Swine Flu Vaccine - Watch This First!

Did you know that most doctors and health care workers (at least 70%) will refuse the swine vaccine and other flu vaccines? One of my dearest friends - a registered nurse - will not be injected with any flu vaccine. Why is that?

With the new swine flu vaccine ready to be administered to the public in a few days, and knowing health care professionals will opt not to get it, I thought it important to do a little research on the subject. I borrowed the following videos from Dr. Joseph Mercola's website (available also on youtube). If you are considering this vaccine for yourself or your children, please watch these videos first. The last four are an interview Dr. Mercola did with the renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock. It is quite an eye-opener - very much worth the time to watch, even if you have to watch just one segment at a time.

In the following video, Dr. Russell Blaylock dispels many myths that have been generated concerning the swine flu by simply revealing accurate statistics and documented information.

Dr. Blaylock explains the dangers of the vaccine in the following video, especially concerning young children and pregnant women (hazardous for the developing baby and mother).

Continuing on in this next video, Dr. Blaylock talks about the toxic "other" ingredients in vaccines, such as mercury and aluminum, explaining the connection of these toxins to long-term and delayed brain dysfunction and disease.

In this last video, Dr. Blaylock talks about protection against getting the flu during the winter months (listen for the info about vitamin D3). He also explains how to be protected from flu shot side-effects should you be required by state law to get the vaccine. (Some states have passed such laws regarding this. California - the state I live in - does not require it.)



Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon,
Thanks for that pertinent information as we head into flu season! I learned a lot from watching these videos. I'm a spinal cord injury nurse who has taken care of Guillian Barre patients (many of whom had received the flu shot 2 to 4 weeks before their diagnoses). Neither me, nor any of my fellow nurses (to the best of my knowledge) or even my nurse manager get the flu shot. This was my 3rd year to sign a refusal form.
I'm going to have to poll the doctors this week and see how many of them get the flu shot!
Something to think about!

gladtz said...

Don't take your doctor's word for anything including vaccines and meications... Do your research. More on this vaccine: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6636

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