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Monday, September 8, 2008

Tidy Tip Tuesday - Organize Your Earrings

When my mom lived with us, I worked out a simple system to store her earrings which were always getting misplaced because she had nowhere to store them other than on top of her dresser. Unfortunately I did not get photos of it before she moved out.

But I am now doing the same thing for my earrings. this is what the system looks like:
The earrings are stored on a "card" made of fun foam. You can cut the foam to whatever size you need. I used the thinner sheets - 2 layers - because that's what was left over from my grandchildren's craft project. The layers hold together when the earrings are placed on them. Or you can get fun foam that has an adhesive back and use that to adhere two layers together. Take advantage of the pretty colors of fun foam to color code your earrings. Blue earrings go onto a card made from blue foam. This makes it so easy to find the earrings you're looking for. Just pull out the blue card for that pair of blue earrings.

When putting your earrings on the foam for the first time, just poke a hole through the foam with the earring post and attach it to the card. So easy!

The box I've used to store my earrings in is from Michael's. It is made for holding ribbon, but it works well for the earrings cards. However, you could use just about any small box. Just make sure that you cut the cards so that they fit snugly into it.

Not just a tidy tip, but also a fun craft project if you should decide to do this. If you have daughters or granddaughters with pierced ears include them in on this project also. And let me know how it turns out!

I'd love to hear from you!

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