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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Good Comment and Some Help for Morning Sickness

One of the treats of writing this blog is that, often, I receive fantastic comments from my readers. But alas, I know that these are mostly read only by me. So I have decided that I will post the best comments from time to time on a regular basis. They are just too good to let slip by unnoticed.

This anonymous comment I thought was important enough to post (click here for the original post). I will answer this question at the end of the comment:

"I have used GSE. When I begin to get a case of the sniffles, I start using GSE and eventually it gets to the point where I forgot I had the sniffles all along. But an herbalist in Pharmica told me to be cautious about taking GSE if there is possibility of being pregnant. She advised me to only take a few drops (if I remember correctly 3 drops or even less) during pregnancy. She explained if GSE is so strong to be effective against fungi, it most likely can be harmful to a growing fetus. In her opinion, she rather have a woman not take it at all if she thinks there's a chance she's pregnant. Do you know any evidence of this?"

After doing some research, I have to say that the answer to this question is still very vague. I asked my daughter-in-law who introduced me to GSE and she responded that she really wasn't clear on that herself. And after doing a search on online, I found that there were the pros and cons. The pros were actual women in a forum concerning this very topic, who had used GSE during pregnancy without any problem. Of course, the websites that sell the product will not stick their necks out to say it is okay to use. Most of them said that since there is insufficient research into the matter, they recommended not using it while pregnant.

There were also websites that dealt with GSE for animal use. The few that I visited indicated that GSE could continue to be used during the gestation time for those animals. Though I doubt very much if there is any danger in taking GSE during pregnancy (for humans) and would probably not hesitate to do so myself, you will need to personally make this decision. If anyone reading this has more information, please send me an email or leave a comment.

For now this is the only comment I will post. But since this question about pregnancy came to my attention, I thought it would be helpful to offer a natural remedy to those of you who are pregnant and may be suffering from morning sickness. I came across this remedy (click here) while I was working on finding the answer to the question about GSE.

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Anonymous said...

A midwife had told me that GSE can be used safely for pregnant women. She has seen women use it to fight infections including urinary tract infections during their pregnancies and the babies were born healthy and fine. I think in my opinion the herbalist in Pharmaca or anywhere else would just say not to use it during pregnancy since they need to be on the cautious side because he/she may be liable. But that's just my opinion....So, I think it's safe to say here to always consult with your health care provider on issues like these. Herbalists and and health care providers in alternative medicine I found always have different opinions about supplements, herbs, or anything.

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