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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Hair Day!

Yesterday a good friend asked me what I am doing different with my hair because it has changed so much for the better in the past recent weeks. So that is what this post will concern.

My hair is actually much healthier than it has ever been because I have stopped using commercial shampoo and conditioner products altogether. About a month ago I came across a post on a blog that I subscribe to. The author had gone "poo" free meaning she had stopped using shamPOO and conditioner. She linked to another blog for the bulk of the information which I will also do at the end of this post. (Why reinvent the wheel, right?)

I can't see using commercial products anymore when the alternative is a much healthier approach, provides so much body to my hair and costs next to nothing. (Here we go again - Better, Cheaper, Safer ways for cleaning our homes and now for cleaning our bodies - hair to be specific in this post).

Would I be right to say that by now you are just itching to know what this great alternative is? Well, before I tell you, I want to report exactly how my hair has been helped:

1. The first thing I noticed was that my hair felt different after cleaning it the new way. It was soft and felt moist, not dry. It also, even when wet, felt fuller.

2. The second thing I noticed was that upon using the new conditioner on my wet hair, the comb went like butter through my hair - absolutely not one single tangle!

3. The third thing I noticed was that my hair was easier to style once it was dry. (I used a blow dryer.) It had more body and was not dry-looking. There seemed to be no more split ends. It also felt moist, but not oily, even after having dried it.

4. The fourth thing I noticed was that my hair looked better the day after having done all of the above. After sleeping on my hair it did not change much from the day before. It has not been oily like it was when I was using commercial shampoo and conditioner.

5. The fifth thing I am now noticing is that my hands are not as dry as they have been for years. My hands had been so dry that they were flaky. Not so anymore. For all these years, could it be that the daily shampooing of my hair is what has kept my hands in that dehydrated condition?

So, alright, already! I will finally give up my secret. I am now cleaning my hair with baking soda. That's right, cheap old baking soda. And I use cheap old white vinegar to condition it. Well neither is really old, only in the sense that these beneficial items have been around forever.

If you want to know exactly how this is done, go to this link. Read the entire post as the author tells why commercial hair products are not so good.

And have a happy hair day!

Note: I recently became aware (via a friend) that for hair that is colored this method can strip out the color. That's good if you don't like the color, but bad if you do. Though my friend did say that as far as manageability, she had never used anything better. She was disappointed to say the least that she could not continue with it.



"Chone" said...

Hi Sharon,

I've been dying to try this out but wanted to wait until I was able to get a hair cut. So this past Saturday I finally was able to cut my hair (they cut 12 inches off! Yeah, my hair was super long). So last night I tried this wash. I've got to tell you how great it is. The baking soda wash left my hair "squeaky" clean! The Apple Cider Vinegar rinse was so cool. There was a slight vinegar smell but once I rinsed it off (with cool water) it was fine. I was so surprised how soft my hair felt. It even felt soft while it was wet. I was able to rub my fingers through my wet hair without any tangles! Amazing! This is so great! I can’t wait to wash my hair again. Thanks so much for posting this.



Anonymous said...

This morning was my first SLS-free shower and it was GREAT! As I poured the apple cider vinegar down my hair it splashed across my face and it was so good to just stick my tongue out and taste it, knowing that it is actually okay to eat my conditioner now! Because our skin is so porous, we actually "eat" everything we put on our bodies anyway! I blew dry my hair and could smell the ACV during that time, but once my hair was dry, the smell was gone! Right now my scalp feels tingly and cool as a cucumber! My hair is very bouncy, light, and full. I will never go back to washing my hair with dangerous chemicals again. I was going to reuse my shamPoo bottles, but knowing now the chemicals that may have leached into the plastic, those things are going straight to recycling. Thank you, Sharon, for caring and sharing.
Let's Hear It For No POO Shampoo!

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