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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Healthy Hygiene for Your Home - Some Fun

Here is a fun fill-in-the-blanks game for you - The Tale of Lawnderee. Read the story and fill in the blanks best you can with the names, terms and products listed that are related to laundry. I'll post the answers in a few days. Meanwhile, the products that are safe to use in your laundry room are highlighted in green.

The Tale of Lawnderee
by Sharon Kaufman

Use the following words associated with laundry to fill in the blanks (once only for each word) in the following story:

Arm & Hammer
Seventh Generation
Spray & Wash
Fresh Start

Once upon a time, on the _ _ _ _ _ _ Earth, in a bygone _ _ _ , there lived Lucy, a fair young maiden. She was _ _ _ alone in her small stone cottage that was situated by the seaside. The only company she had was her enormous, pink ox (what a _ _ _ she was), whom she called Oxy.

One day, Oxy got spattered with blue paint while she was redoing her room in the barn. So Lucy took her outside into the full _ _ _ where it was warm, intending to simply _ _ _ _ _- _ -_ _ _ _ her down with the hose. But instead, she decided on a bath. With her fleecy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ sponge in hand, Lucy tied Oxy to the fencepost and proceeded . This was quite an undertaking since the ox hated water. But, undaunted and with a _ _ _ _ _ _ in her step, Lucy _ _ _ _ _ -fully resolved to see
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

However, as Lucy started to fill the gigantic tub, the sea’s rolling _ _ _ _ began to come in. Now Oxy, hating water as she did, looked up and saw the _ _ _ _ _ -_ _ _ _ approaching and refused to cooperate. Hard-
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ to know what to do, Lucy soundly scolded her, “You know, you’re really beginning to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ me. Why, Oxy, I’m just about ready to send you to the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !”

Just then the prince from the neighboring kingdom approached the fair maiden. He was quite smitten with her. He had seen her on several occasions, and knew that she had no idea that he even existed. He wondered why she did not know of him since Prince Gerald’s family had been on the throne of the Kingdom of Lawnderee from the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ back. And the royal family crest, with its _ _ _- _ -
_ _ _ _ _ _ motif was present in the nearby village, which she visited often.

It was for this very reason that Prince Gerald was prepared to ask Lucy for her hand in marriage that very day. She had won his heart. It was refreshing to him that Lucy, not at all_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and pompous, like so many of the other maidens in the village, had never attempted to impress him in order to become the queen of Lawnderee. With Lucy he knew he had nothing to loose and everything to _ _ _ _ . To him she was perfect - absolutely _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

As the prince drew near, he was awed by her beauty. Her hair, a
_ _ _ _ _ shade of lavender, glistened in the bright _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . Her teeth, as white as _ _ _ _ _ , dazzled him. He planned to pop the question as soon as her eyes met his – a _ _ _ _ -_ _ _ _ _ _ of proposal indeed.

But when he saw the predicament Lucy was in with Oxy he just had to help. He gave a _ _ _ _ _ to the ox, calling her by name. The big pink ox turned to see the prince and was immediately charmed and calmed by his authoritative voice. It impressed Lucy that this stranger knew her ox by name and had such a command of her pet. She wondered who he was.

Then something strange and wonderful happened. Oxy willingly did everything the prince commanded. She let Lucy bathe her and then hang her out to dry. “How wonderful!” Lucy thought. Anyone who could love her ox so and get her to cooperate in such a fashion had to be a great guy.

So as Oxy swayed gently in the _ _ _ _ _ _ on the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , Prince Gerald proposed. (Obviously, he had to strike while the _ _ _ _ was hot.) And, of course, Lucy accepted.

After Oxy was completely dry and well- fluffed, and as the sun went
_ _ _ _ _ they rode off (on Oxy). As they journeyed toward Lawnderee, the sunset sweetly lighting their path with its pink and purple streams, Lucy dreamily mused, “What a _ _ _ day! Oxy is clean, I am no longer lonely, and the prince has his true love next to him (me). Today we have all had a _ _ _ _ _- _ _ _ _ _ !” The End!


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